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Shay Harris Sound Design Logo
Shay Harris Sound Design Logo

"Crafting Sound for the Senses"

Hello! I'm Shay Harris, and this is my professional portfolio where I showcase my works from prior school, personal, and professional projects. This is an outlet for me to show you my journey in Sound Design and Audio Production. I am always looking for new exciting projects to help with. So if you need certain audio solutions, you've come to the right place! I hope you enjoy your visit!

Please reach out with any questions on the contact page. 

Best regards!

-Harris, Shay

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Earbuds/Headphones advised. 

The Conflict AwaitsShay Harris
00:00 / 02:31
FloodwatersShay Harris
00:00 / 02:52

Floodwaters is another school assignment where I had to create a Soundscape. The challenge was to tell a "story" utilizing only sounds. I've allowed many people to listen to this, and it's always interesting where their imagination takes them. I'm not going to tell you what I was visualizing when I was creating this. I want you to listen and allow your imagination to show you where it goes. Think of location, how many people are around and what they are doing. You're in for a surprise the further you listen. Enjoy!

BattlefieldShay Harris
00:00 / 01:38

Caution: Explosive sounds, adjust volume to comfort

My battlefield soundscape was a small personal project I took on, after the Dresden project from my portfolio page. I recorded my voice to create the radio transmission you hear. The intensity builds as an artillery strike zero's in on the listeners position, maybe leaving you feeling like you're too close for comfort


"A Conflict Awaits" is a soundscape that would fit well in a video game's menu screen. It was made with the idea that a designer would loop it when integrating it.  I designed the music. SFX are from various sources. I mixed and mastered the audio as well.  Composed of long sweeping drones with modulated and automated musical elements, this soundscape creates an ominous, anxious, and solemn environment. 

Sleeping TrollShay Harris
00:00 / 03:04

One morning I woke up sick. I realized I had a deep raspiness to my voice and decided to record myself making random vocal noises. Sleeping Troll is a soundscape I created, entirely out of assets I recorded. It's the first time I didn't outsource any assets. As for the listener, you'll hear a rather large creature directly in front of you to the right. You'll hear some other, like-creatures further in front of you, and off to your left. 


Sound Design for Games

Short demo reels showing sound design techniques I used while taking classes in "Sound Design for Games." The sounds were edited in Pro Tools and implemented through Wwise. 



Here are some of the SFX I've been making. This list will continue to grow as I move further into SFX artistry. All sounds were created with recorded assets from house hold items and my own vocals. Then processed through Logic Pro X. All SFX were normalized to -4db and compressed into an mp3 file for this playlist. These sounds will be available on my business page in the future as .wav files

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